961 Norton Workshop Manuals

The workshop manuals below are really great and very easy to work with. They were all created by Richard Coote that is also together with his father, Dave, the designer of the one07 tools and modifications packages that we offer in the 961 parts section of the catalog

961 Norton Workshop Manuals

961 Norton Workshop Manuals

These are manuals that you can copy/download directly from the cNw website.

Left click on the description below and you will open a copy that you can print out

As more manuals are created they will be added to the list below so keep checking back on the site for updates

Note:  Disregard the ‘contact us to order’ button on the bottom of the page. These manuals are free of charge

Cluster – Norton 961 (web)

ECU Removal – Norton 961 (web)

Fuel Tank Removal – Norton 961 (web)

Head Torque – Norton 961 (web)

Ignition Coil – Norton 961 (web)

Light Bulbs – Norton 961 (web)

Oil Change – Norton 961 (web)

Oil in Air Box – Norton 961 (web)

Removing Clutch Basket – Norton 961 (web)

Removing Primary Side Cover (web)

Split Balance Gear Spring – Norton 961 (rev1) (web)

Starter Solenoid – Norton 961 (web)

Throttle Control – Norton 961 (web)

Handle Bars – Norton 961 (web)

Valve Clearance – Norton 961 (web)

Fuel Injection – Norton 961 (web)

Oil Route – Norton 961 (web)

Levers – Norton 961 (web)

Top End Removal – Norton 961 (web)

Transmission Vent – Norton 961 (rev1) (web)

Front Sprocket – Norton 961 (WEB)

Timing Chain Tension – Norton 961 (web)

Transmission – Norton 961 (web)





Domi AirBox – Norton 961 (web)





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