cNw Primary & Final Drive

The right parts can make a world of difference in the performance of your Norton Commando motorcycle. Colorado Norton Works offers numerous drive parts and accessories, including clutch levers, clutch kits and X-ring conversion kits, that offer the ultimate in reliability and design.

cNw Clutch Rod Seal, Complete installation kit for belt drive kit, cNw Clutch Center, cNw Belt Drive Kit, cNw Billet Primary Cover / Pre MkIII, 1975 MkIII Quick Change X-ring Conversion, Up to 1974 X-ring conversion kits, Chain D.I.D 520 VX Pro X-Ring, Modified ‘Easy Pull’ Clutch Kit for 750 & 850, Clutch Kit 850 Style, Clutch Kit 750 Style, Magura Clutch Perch / Lever

cNw Clutch Rod Seal

Manufacturer:  cNw

Description:  This seal nut will fit at the end of the main shaft and will ensure that no gear box fluid from the main shaft is allowed to seep into the clutch basket and contaminate the clutch plates. This contamination will cause the clutch plates to stick when cold and to slip when hot


  • Shallow nut CNC machined from alloy
  • Threads are cut to ensure proper clearance between the nut and end of main shaft
  • High quality o-ring (easily replaced)


cNw part #  0600-16

Price $  24.95

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Complete installation kit for belt drive kit

Manufacturer:  cNw

Description:  All the hardware that will be needed to install your belt drive kit, including Belleville washers that are superior te ensure that your crank and main shaft nut stays secure


  • Crank keys for sprocket and alternator rotor
  • Crank shaft seal for case
  • Crank shaft nut
  • Stainless steel Belleville washer to secure crank shaft nut
  • Main shaft shims (2, as needed)
  • Main shaft circlip
  • Main shaft nut, modified
  • Stainless steel Belleville washer to secure main shaft nut

cNw part # 0600-18

Price $  38.95


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cNw Clutch Center

Manufacturer: STS

Description:  This is a fully hardened clutch center that is a direct replacement for a stock type clutch basket. It will work for both a chain drive and belt drive type. This center in the nicest one you will find on the market due to the tooling used and the fact that it is Vacuum Heat Treated which will give it a uniform strength all the way through the metal without putting excessive stresses on it during the hardening process. What we have seen on other centers available on the market is that they are flame hardened, which is not as consistent and only hardens the metal to a certain depth


  • Direct replacement for any stock type clutch baskets, chain or belt
  • 4340 steel
  • Vacuum heat-treated
  • After the heat-treat process, the bearing surface is machined to ensure that this surface is perfect
  • Finish of gear teeth are of highest standard and far beyond any others we have seen available
  • Made in the USA

cNw part # 0600-17

Price $  93.50

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cNw Belt Drive Kit

Manufacturer:  STS & cNw

Description:  A direct replacement primary drive for 750cc and 850cc Commandos (not 1975 MkIII compatible). Since we developed the cNw electric start conversion, we also decided to design and offer a stand alone belt drive. The rear sprocket and belt is identical to that use in the electric start kit. The front sprocket is also the same but does not have the electric start drive gear, engagement mechanism and bearings. If you wanted to upgrade to an electric start conversion at a later time, you will be able to buy a partial e-start kit


  • Complete drive kit with front sprocket, belt guards, rear sprocket, sealed bearing, extra clutch steel plate and belt
  • One ratio available. 32 front and 70 rear offering a 2.188 gear ratio (std chain drive is a 2.19 ratio)
  • Uses a Gates 21mm Poly Carbon belt. Stronger than what is used in other belt drive kits on the market
  • The front sprocket is made from S7 tool steel for optimum wear characteristics
  • Clutch basket is hard anodized
  • Clutch basket has a machined in belt guard
  • The clutch basket accepts a std Commando clutch stack (not included with kit)
  • The clutch basket accepts a std Commando clutch center (not included with the kit)
  • One of the single best upgrades you can do for you Commando since it takes a lot of weight/load off the gear box main shaft and bearings
  • Offers a dry primary cavity
  • Kit weighs 3.98 lbs (stock clutch basket, triplex chain and front sprocket weighs 8.35 lbs)
  • Quiet operation
  • Made in the USA

Note:  The clutch basket is designed to offer a lighter clutch pull when using an 850 clutch stack, 850 pressure plate and 1 extra steel plate (1 extra steel plate included with the kit). A Barnett fiber stack is recommended

Note:  This belt drive is identical to that used in the cNw electric start conversion and if you wanted to upgrade to that at a later time, we will offer you a credit since you will already have part of the system. We would need the front sprocket returned so that we can install the electric start assembly into it. The credit you would get is $ 450.00 towards the cost of the electric start conversion. This assuming your front sprocket is undamaged

img_3431_1      img_3433_1      img_3437      img_3439      img_3462

cNw part #  0600-12

Price $  498.95

cNw part #  0604-03  Barnett 850 clutch stack

Price $  98.95

cNw part #  0604-06  Barnett 850 clutch stack complete with 850 pressure plate

Price $  186.85

cNw part # 0600-17  cNw clutch center (see description here)

Price $  93.50

cNw part # 0600-18  Complete belt drive installation hardware kit (see description here)

Price $  38.95

cNw part #  0600-15  Extra Poly Carbon belt

Price $  63.95

cNw part #  0600-16  cNw clutch rod seal (see description here)

Price $  24.95


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cNw Billet Primary Cover / Pre MkIII

Description:  cNw

Description:  A direct replacement outer primary cover


  • cNw designed primary cover
  • CNC machined out of a single piece of 6061 aluminum
  • None of the porosity so common on the stock, cast, covers
  • Sanded and show polished to a mirror finish
  • Std outer primary parts can all be used such as sealing o-ring, timing scale, inspection caps etc.
  • This part is absolutely stunning and no matter how well the stock cover is polished, it will never look like this one



cNw part # 0600-07

Price $ 745.00


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1975 MkIII Quick Change X-ring Conversion

Manufacturer: cNw & Comstock engineering

Description: A unique, complete, final drive replacement for a 1975 Commando


  • A 520 size x-ring chain for superior strength and minimal maintenance
  • New front, counter shaft sprocket in sizes 19-22 available
  • Special spacer for front sprocket to move it away from the transmission for better chain alignment
  • A unique aluminum carrier (6061) for the rear sprocket
  • A removable, modern, rear chain sprocket
  • Gearing changes can be done in the rear as opposed to removing the entire primary
  • 1 tooth in the rear equals 1/2 in the front
  • Rear sprockets are available in 40-50 tooth
  • Rear replacement sprockets when worn out are a fraction of the cost of a std MkIII sprocket
  • Modified drive center that the carrier will now bolt onto
  • Stainless flat heads for sprocket mount. Stainless 12 point ARP bolts for carrier mount
  • Sealed double row bearing installed in carrier
  • New, modified, stubby axle
  • Stronger, lighter, less expensive over time and low maintenance system


cNw part # 0600-05

Price $ 689.95

Note: We are making some changes to this kit to improve it even further.  Check in with us to get an update when it will be completed. I know it has been awhile but this is a great kit and we are going to bring it back


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Up to 1974 X-ring conversion kits

Manufacturer: cNw

Description: Pre MkIII Chain conversion for a Cush Drive hub as well as early style Bolt Up style


  • Complete conversion to replace the std 530 chain with a modern 520 X-ring
  • Reduce your maintenance that’s necessary on std chains
  • Keep oil and lubes off your rear wheel
  • 520 X ring will run tighter and stretch less
  • Special oil seals produce 50% less friction and 50-100% longer wear life than std O-ring chains
  • New rear sprocket/drum machined for 520 size and dbl row sealed bearing
  • New counter shaft sprocket, 19-22 tooth available Please indicate what size you want when ordering
  • Special spacer to move the sprocket away from the transmission case for better alignment
  • Dbl row sealed bearing installed in sprocket/drum in the Cush Drive style kit. No more bearing maintenance
  • Machined stubby axle to accept sealed dbl row bearing

cNw part # 0600-04  Late model ‘ Cush drive’  sprocket / hub

Price $  589.95

cNw part # 0600-03  Early style ‘Bolt Up’ sprocket / hub

Price $  519.95


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Chain D.I.D 520 VX Pro X-Ring

Manufacturer: D.I.D

Description: Replacement chain for 520 size sprockets 


  • Important: This chain will not fit the standard size Commando sprockets
  • Special oil seals provide 50% more less friction and 50-100% longer wear life than STD O-Ring chain
  • Features gold black color plates
  • Average tensile strength of 8120 lbs.


CNW part # 0601-04

Price $ 111.95 ea


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Modified ‘Easy Pull’ Clutch Kit for 750 & 850

Manufacturer:  cNw

Description: Direct replacement clutch stack for 750 and 850 both


  • High quality 750 Style Barnett clutch pkg serves as a base for the kit
  • 1 Extra steel plate
  • Modified pressure plate
  • This kit puts the diaphragm spring closer to its point of release and therefore softens the clutch pull
  • There is no clutch slip with this kit

Note:  There is a $ 40.00 core charge for the 750 pressure plate included in the kit. You will get a credit for that amount if/when you return that part

cNw part # 0600-06

Price $  204.95   (price includes a 40.00 core charge, see note above)


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Clutch Kit 850 Style

Manufacturer: Barnett

Description:  Replacement clutch for 850


  • 850 Style
  • 5 Friction, bar-flex friction mtrl.
  • 4 Steel plates

cNw part # 0604-03

Price $ 98.95 set


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Clutch Kit 750 Style

Manufacturer: Barnett

Description: Replacement clutch for 750

  • 750 Style
  • 4 Friction, bar-flex friction material
  • 3 Steel plates

cNw part # 0604-01

Price $ 78.95


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Magura Clutch Perch / Lever

Manufacturer: Magura

Description: Clean, small, replacement clutch perch when using non stock controls. Good match with Brembo Master cylinder


  • Polished alloy lever
  • Split perch clamp
  • 160 mm long
  • 8.2 mm hole for rear view mirror


Note:  The hole for barrel on the Magura lever is smaller than the barrel on the stock Commando. In order to fit this lever you have three options

  1. Cut off the existing barrel and solder on the smaller barrel included with the lever
  2. Get a different clutch cable that uses the smaller barrel. Venhill makes such a cable
  3. Enlarge the barrel hole on the lever by drilling it out




cNw part # 0605-01

Price $ 36.95 ea


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