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Improve the life of your bike with Colorado Norton Works’ full line of electrical motorcycle parts and accessories. We offer a variety of motorcycle batteries, spark plugs, switches and other electric parts to keep your Norton Commando running as good as it looks.

cNw High Output 3 phase Charging System, LED taillight conversion kit, CNW Billet Center Console, Commando Tri Spark Ignition ‘New version’, cNw Single Coil Conversion, Shorai Lithium Batteries, Shorai LFX Charger, MK III Battery cable kit, CNW Turn Signal Kit, Spark plug leads, Switch Cluster, Starter Switch, cNw 4 Brush Prestolite Starter, Horn

cNw High Output 3 phase Charging System

Manufacturer:  cNw, Wassell and Podtronic

Description:  A great high output 3 phase system that not only gives you a higher charging rate, especially at lower RPM’s, but also greatly simplifies your system by eliminating all of the questionable components from the original set up. A must if you run lights continuously


  • High quality stator. Great performance, very nice finish
  • 3 phase
  • 180 Watt @ 12.5 volts
  • 85 % full output at 2400 RPM’s
  • Exceeds the required output needed at low RPM’s
  • 9 pole welded rotor
  • Solid state Podtronic voltage regulator
  • Regulator wires are extended to reach the primary area to hook up with the stator
  • Marine grade connectors for stator / regulator hook up
  • A cNw regulator bracket for an easy placement and install. Powder coated Black. With stainless mounting hardware
  • Perfect match with our Single coil and Tri Spark ignition for an extremely simplified electrical system
  • Works with 750. 850 and MkIII Commandos

Note:  Two 1/4  holes need to be drilled in the flat frame plate behind the battery box in order to mount the cNw voltage regulator bracket


CNW part # 0703-03

Price $  379.95


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LED taillight conversion kit

Description:  A direct replacement for your stock Commando taillight


  • A fantastic upgrade for your std light
  • Extremely powerful
  • Changes the relatively weak stock set up with a state of the art assembly that not only performs but due to its design will last indefinitely
  • Clean and simple 3 wire hook up
  • Will work both with Negative and Positive ground machines
  • This unit was designed to work with an after market Lucas style assembly but will work with the stock unit as well
  • Will fit into the early taillight that you see on most cNw machines as well as the later model, square light used from -73 and up
  • Will not change the appearance of the taillight
  • Does require a bit of modification to the original mount and will take about an hour to complete


cNw part #  0708-01

Price $  99.95


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CNW Billet Center Console

Manufacturer:  CNW & Damtech

Description:  Designed to work with our Billet triple trees, this console will work with both the CNW electronics package or the original instrument holders


  • Cut out of a single, 7 lb chunk of 6061 Billet aluminum
  • Weighs only 7 oz
  • Includes a marine grade Voltmeter
  • Includes a barrel style ignition switch. This is a 3 position unit. Off / On / On + Lights
  • Includes 3 warning lights.  Blue, Amber, Red and Green available
  • The console is completely built and wired, ready to install


  • When using the original instrument holders they have to by slightly modified to work with the console
  • This console will not work with the std Commando triple trees. Console is designed  to be used with these trees  See Here
  • The console will only work with a Negative ground wiring harness


CNW part # 0400-14    Complete console for Original instrument holders

Price $ 599.95

CNW part # 0400-15    Complete console for CNW Electronics package

Price $ 599.95


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Commando Tri Spark Ignition ‘New version’

Manufacturer: Tri Spark

Description: In the past cNw had not found an ignition system that we wanted to offer for sale since we didn’t feel that the quality of them was up to our standards. We have now found a unit that fills that void. Made in Australia, this ignition is extremely advanced yet simple in its design. Tri Spark has had years of experience developing some of the most technically advanced ignitions on the market and this system for the British Twins is as good as it gets. High precision, zero maintenance, extremely compact and reliable are some of the highlights that makes this ignition the one to use. The system does not have an external control box that is hard to find a suitable location for. It hooks directly up to your coil.


  • Easy starting without ‘kick back’
  • Superior running
  • Simple installation and wiring
  • Quality construction
  • Very compact, no external control box. The whole unit is housed inside the points cavity.
  • Accurate timing
  • High Spark energy
  • Anti Knocking
  • Idle stabilization
  • Low power drain
  • Maintenance free
  • Static timing LED

NOTE: The Tri Spark will not function with two 12 volt coils in parallel. Use either stock type 6 volt coils in series or a single 12 volt coil like the one we offer


cNw part # 0704-01     This is the counter clock wise unit that will fit all Commandos that has the ignition mounted at the end of the cam, under the ignition cover.

Price $  309.95

cNw part # 0704-02    This is the clock wise rotation for when you have an early model with the ignition pod mounted behind the timing cover, like the Atlas models

Price $  309.95


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cNw Single Coil Conversion

Manufacturer: cNw

Description: A single coil conversion to replace the problematic dual coil set-up and all associated wiring


  • Dual fire high out put coil (new version as of 06/15/2015)
  • Complete with mounting bracket for coil (see note below) and stainless hardware
  • Includes  Taylor 8MM Pro wire spark plug leads. This is a high performance resistor wire
  • Includes 2 NGK, BPR 7 ES spark plugs
  • Increased performance and ultra fast re-charge
  • Extremely clean mount and two wire hook up
  • Perfect match for the Tri Spark ignition but works with all types of ignitions

Note:  In order to install this kit you do need to have the actual coil bracket, # 06-2577, installed on your machine. Most Commandos will have this but some early models will not.  The bracket is readily available and can be fitted to those machines as well


 cNw part # 0700-02

Price $ 152.95


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Shorai Lithium Batteries

Manufacturer:  Shorai

Description:  Ultra light, high performance, direct replacement battery


  • 1/5 the weight of a lead battery in the same size
  • Zero sulfation, for longer service life
  • Military spec carbon composite case
  • Faster cranking for better starts
  • Super fast recharge rate
  • No gasses, no lead, no acid
  • Environmentally friendly. Just discharge and dispose
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • Includes several pieces of foam to fit into battery box

Note:  Lithium batteries benefit from specific charging.  See Shorai battery charger below for best peformance Click here

cNw part # 0701-10

  • Extremely small for custom application but also suitable as a replacement for the Pre MkIII Commandos
  • AH 14
  • CCA 210
  • Neg post, left side
  • 4.30″ long,  3.50″ tall,  2.25″ deep
  • 1.68 lbs

Price $ 176.95

cNw part # 0701-11

  • This is a great high power replacement for the Pre MkIII Commandos.
  • AH 18
  • CCA 270
  • Neg post, left side
  • 5.75″ long,  4.10″ tall,  2.50″ deep
  • 2.19 lbs

Price $ 202.95

cNw part # 0701-12

  • Direct drop in for the MkIII. More power than you ever had before
  • AH 21
  • CCA 315
  • Neg post, left side
  • 5.80″ long,  5.50″ tall,  3.25″ deep
  • 3.10 lbs

Price $ 248.95


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Shorai LFX Charger

Manufacturer:  Shorai

Description:  Quality charge & store management system for LFX batteries


  • Store mode for maximum battery life during long-term storage
  • Charge mode charges, balances and performs cell diagnostics
  • Retractable hook to hang from grips, frame rails or seat strap
  • Includes a pig tail that installs in the battery with a pin connector for easy maintenance without having to access battery compartment

Note:  Battery in image below is there to show how the charger attaches to it and is not part of the kit

cNw part # 0701-13

Price $ 95.95


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MK III Battery cable kit

Manufacturer: CNW

Description: Exceptionally high quality wire to ensure the best possible performance from your battery

  • Highest quality cable
  • Berkshire, 8 awg, heat rated tin covered copper boat cable
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • Replace your old wires with this superior cable kit
  • Designed for cleaner cable routing
  • Available for Positive or Negative ground systems

CNW part # 0700-05    This is if your bike has been converted to Negative ground

Price $ 30.95

CNW part # 0700-06    This is if your bike has the stock, Positive, ground that all Commandos had from the factory

Price $ 30.95

If you are uncertain how your bike is wired, look at where the wire from your + terminal on the battery goes. If  it runs to the frame/chassis, then you have a Positive ground machine

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CNW Turn Signal Kit

Manufacturer: CNW

Description: Clean, small and out of the way, turn signal kit for your Commando

  • These turn signals are designed to be tucked away for a clean look
  • Flexible stalk housing protects signals
  • DOT approved
  • Steel extensions are powder coated gloss black
  • Front signals are designed to be mounted on coil bracket
  • Rear signals are designed to be mounted on STD or CNW license plate bracket
  • Kit includes a flasher unit that fits inside the head light

IMG_8682      IMG_8692


CNW part # 0700-01

Price $ 149.95 complete kit


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Spark plug leads

Manufacturer: CNW

Description: Replacement plug wires for shielded yet great performance


  • 8 MM TAYLOR Spiro core wire
  • Resistor wire that can be used with regulator equipped charging systems and MicroDigital Boyer ignitions as well as any other ignition system
  • Highest quality wire
  • Black only
  • Made in the USA


CNW part # 0700-03

Price $ 27.95


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Switch Cluster

Manufacturer: Honda

Description: Quality master switch to replace stock unit

  • Turn signals/High-low/Horn
  • Honda Quality
  • This is a modified switch where the wires have been changed to easily adapt to your existing wires in the headlight shell
  • The wires are lengthen the so that it gives you plenty to work with even with taller handlebars
  • Will fit any 7/8’s handlebars


CNW part # 0702-02    

Price $ 139.95


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Starter Switch

Manufacturer: Honda

Description: Great little starter switch with a built-in on/off toggle


  • Use this starter switch if you install the CNW/Brembo brake system on your electric start Commando
  • Only 7/8 wide
  • Starter button and on/off switch (kill switch)
  • Includes a wiring diagram
  • The wires are lengthened to make for easy routing into headlight shell
  • Will fit any 7/8’s handlebars

CNW part # 0702-04

Price $ 129.95


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cNw 4 Brush Prestolite Starter

Manufacturer: cNw/Comstock Engineering

Description: Brand new, modified Prestolite starter


  • Replace your old 2 brush unit with a brand new 4 brush to ensure consistent starting
  • Black wrinkle finish for close to an original look New finish
  • Polished stainless hardware
  • Billet primary side end cap with a sealed ball bearing instead of a bushing, for extended life, strength and performance
  • 1 year warranty



cNw part

Price $ 539.00

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Manufacturer: Biker’s Choice

Description: Small little buzzy horn that gets your attention


  • Small size
  • Loud buzzer
  • Removable cover for mounting underneath the battery tray
  • Very clean mount, if used with the CNW single coil conversion, on the coil bracket


CNW part# 0701-06

Price $ 24.95


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