cNw Handlebars, Grips & Mirrors

Keeping you safe on your Norton Commando is important to Colorado Norton Works. That’s why we offer a full line of motorcycle handlebar grips and custom motorcycle mirrors to give you more control over your bike and a better observation of your surroundings. And each product blends smoothly into your bike style to keep it both secure and eye-catching.

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Handlebars, Drag bar by Flanders

Manufacturer: Flanders

Description:  Top quality handlebars


  • High quality steel and chrome
  • 7/8 diameter
  • Made in the US
  • This is a wider drag bar than most and allows you to comfortably fit the Hydraulic clutch system and switch cluster
  • 18 degree bend
  • 4″ pull back, 9″ straight center section and 31″ wide


CNW part # 0404-01

Price $ 109.95


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Handlebar, Drag bar, Import

Manufacturer:  Tucker / Rocky

Description:  A good quality drag bar


  • Aggressive look with this narrow drag bar
  • 7/8 diameter
  • Good chrome but not as nice as the Flanders bar
  • Narrower than the Flanders bar
  • 29″ wide
  • Import


  • This bar can not be used with the CNW triple trees and a hydraulic clutch assembly. If you want a drag bar with our current triple trees then you have to use the Flanders bars  See Here
  • This bar will not work with a std Lockheed master cylinder and stock switch clusters due to the limited width on the bars. The drag bars we offer that will work with this set up are here


CNW part # 0401-02

Price $ 29.00


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Handlebar, Euro Bar style, Import

Manufacturer:  Tucker / Rocky

Description:  A nice version of the Euro bar fitted on the Commandos


  • Chrome finish
  • 7/8 diameter
  • 2.5″ rise
  • 5″ pull back, 6″ straight center section, 30″ wide
  • Chrome is of good quality but not like the Flanders bars offered above
  • Import


CNW part # 0401-01

Price $ 29.00


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Round Bar End Mirror

Manufacturer: Skyking

Description: Bar end mirror


  • Convex glass for great view
  • Better view than Napoleon bar end mirror
  • Small and clean
  • Secure fit inside the end of the handlebars with a steel wedgenut
  • Beautiful finish
  • Polished or black anodized
  • Mirrors are priced and  sold individually, not as a set



CNW part # 0405-01    Polished style

Price $  96.95 each

CNW part # 0405-02    Black style

Price $  96.95 each


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ProGrip 842

Manufacturer:  ProGrip

Description: Handlebar grips


  • Progrip 842
  • Our favourite and what we use on most of the builds
  • Gel molds to hand as pressure is applied
  • Super soft and durable with great adhesion


CNW part # 0401-03

Price $ 16.95 / pr


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