Parts and tools for the new 961 Norton

cNw has decided to start offering some parts and tools specifically designed for the late model 961 machines. We will be working with some different vendors initally and possibly add to it with cNw manufactured parts if we get some good response and feedback

Lifter Lock Tool, Cam Lock Tool, 961 Counter shaft sprocket, Battery Mat, Spark Plug Wire Set, Transmission Vent Kit, Clutch Jam Tool, Gear Jam Tool, Balance Gear Tensioner Tool, Starter Rebuild Tool, Gear Puller, Bosch Coil Pack, Shorai Lithium Battery, Shorai LFX Charger

Lifter Lock Tool

Manufacturer:  one07  Tools
Description: Top quality Lifter Lock Tool for the 961 engine.  This Tool safely locks the lifters in place to make it easy to remove and replace the Cylinder Head of the 961 Engine.
  • High quality Materials
  • Made specifically for your 961 Engine
  • Years 2010 – current
  • Precision sized diameter with lead-in taper to prevent damage.
  • Made in Canada
  • For more info on this tool, please refer to manual “Top End Removal – Norton 961”

cNw part # 1301-07

Price $  35.95

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Cam Lock Tool

Manufacturer:  one07  Tools
Description: Top quality Cam Shaft Lock Tool for the 961 engine.  This Tool securely locks the Cam Shaft in place to make it easy to work on the Timing Side and lock the Crank without having to remove the Primary side cover.  Great for checking timing chain tension, removing and replacing timing sprockets, removing cam shaft nut and locking the crank.
  • High quality Aluminum
  • Made specifically for your 961 Engine
  • Years 2010 – current
  • Precision sized to prevent damage.
  • Made in Canada

cNw part #  1301-06

Price $  46.95

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961 Counter shaft sprocket

Manufacturer:  STS / one07 tools

Description:  Direct replacement counter shaft sprocket for your 961. Two sizes available to change the feel and performance of your machine


  • Made in the USA by Special Tool Solutions
  • Made from 4340 steel
  • Hardened to Rockwell C54
  • 17 tooth size for greater acceleration and a definite ‘seat of your pants’ performance increase
  • 19 tooth size for lowering the rpm’s and more comfort at higher speeds


cNw part # 1300-05  17 tooth sprocket

Price $  136.95

cNw part # 1300-06  19 tooth sprocket

Price $  136.95

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Battery Mat

Manufacturer: one07  Tools

Description: Battery Mat


  • A battery mat will ventilate air under the your battery to prevent moisture being trapped
  • Mat will help reduce vibration
  • resistant to oils and acids
  • Helps prevent corrosion to the battery tray
  • Made from high quality rubber
  • Years 2010-current
  • Made in Canada


cNw part #  1300-04

Price $  9.95

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Spark Plug Wire Set

Manufacturer:  one07  Tools

Description: Top quality racing spark plug wire set for the 961 engine.  These spark plug wires are great even if you are not racing. They have been known to correct a miss-fire that can sometimes occur with the stock wires.


  • High quality 8.5mm insulated silicone red jacket
  • Made specifically for your 961 Engine
  • RFI & EMI suppressed
  • Years 2010 – current
  • 79 turns per cm
  • 2.50mm conductor
  • Made in Canada
  • To replace wires and coil pack, please use manual “Ignition Coil – Norton 961”

Note:  We suggest upgrading your coil pack to the Bosch performance ignition coil and replacing your spark plugs with NGK Iridium to compliment these wires


cNw part #  1300-02

Price $  94.95  set

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Transmission Vent Kit

Manufacturer:  one07  Tools

Description: Top quality transmission vent for the 961 engine. The Transmission vent kit is a must if you do not have one. The 961 engine does not have a vent from the factory and the result can be a blown starter gasket or oil leak elsewhere. We realize that Nortons are known to leak but if you’re not into that anymore, this vent kit is for you.


  • High quality components
  • Made specifically for the 961 engine
  • Easy installation
  • Years 2010 – current
  • Replaces existing transmission filler cap
  • Plugs directly into a spare hole in your airbox
  • Made in Canada
  • Easy to install by following the manual “Transmission Vent – Norton 961”

BONUS:  Air box drain with removable plug. Much more user-friendly than the existing, and like most of us, we lost the existing cap so we use things we can find like golf tee’s to stop the dripping oil flying onto our rear brakes



cNw part #  1300-01

Price $  75.95


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Clutch Jam Tool

 Manufacturer:  one07  Tools

Description: This clutch jamtool  is complimented with the one07 gear jam tool.


  • Years 2010 – current
  • Made from high quality T6 aluminum
  • Made specifically for your 961 engine
  • Easy to use
  • Precision wire cut EDM for accuracy
  • Made in Canada

Note:  Refer to the manual “Removing Clutch Basket – Norton 961” & “Removing Primary Side Cover – Norton 961” for more info on how to use this tool


cNw part #  1301-01

Price $  77.95

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Gear Jam Tool

Manufacturer: one07  Tools

Description: Gear jam tool. This is a tool that should be on the top of your “TO GET” list. It has many uses and is made to last.


  • Made specifically for your 961 engine
  • This Gear Jam is useful when removing the clutch basket, which is recommended to remove the starter
  • This Gear Jam is useful to lock up your split balance gear and used when setting your split balance gear.
  • This Gear Jam will likely be needed anytime you remove the primary side engine cover, unless you are only removing the engine cover
  • Precision wire cut EDM for accuracy
  • Made from high quality hardened tool steel
  • Years 2010-current
  • Made in Canada


cNw part #  1301-02

Price $  153.95


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Balance Gear Tensioner Tool

Manufacturer:   one07  Tools

Description: Split balance gear spring tension setting tool. If your engine sounds more noisy than a bike of the similar year, then chances are your spring has been over stretched. An over stretched or worn spring will not impede the use of your motorcycle. The springs only function is to reduce engine noise


  • Accurately sets spring tension
  • Gauge on end of tool checks for a stretched spring
  • Made from high quality aluminium
  • Easy to use
  • Years 2010-current
  • Made in Canada
  • Use the Manual “Split Balance Gear Spring – Norton 961 REV1” for more info on setting your spring tension.

Note:  The job of correctly setting the tension can be made a little easier by also using the one07 GEAR JAM tool

!cid__ca5bb6b3-0f11-2af1-061b-081c6866881d@yahoo      balance gear spring (Large)

cNw part #  1301-04

Price $ 69.95


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Starter Rebuild Tool

Manufacturer:  one07  Tools

Description:  Starter solenoid rebuild tool to correctly set the solenoid contacts. Also holds them in place when tightening nuts


  • Years 2010-current
  • Made from high quality T6 Aluminum
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with three sets of replacement contacts
  • Contacts can be replaced without removing the starter from the bike
  • Mimics a professional bench top press.
  • Made in Canada
  • Refer to the manual “Starter Solenoid – Norton 961”


cNw part #  1301-03

Price $  72.95


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Gear Puller

Manufacturer:  one07 Tools

Description:  Gear puller


  • Years 2010-current
  • Made from high quality hardened tool steel
  • Easy to use
  • Includes Grade 8 bolts
  • Elongated holes so it can be used for other bikes as well
  • Thicker than any other gear puller of its size
  • Made in Canada


cNw part #  1301-05

Price $  97.50


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Bosch Coil Pack

Manufacturer:  Bosch

Description:  Performance replacement for the factory coil pack


  • Direct replacement. Identical mount and fitments
  • This is a high quality, genuine Bosch product that out performs the factory installed unit
  • Great in combination with the one07 performance spark plugs

NOTE: Some late model bike (2017) may already have the Bosch coil installed. Be sure to check to see what you have installed in the bike before ordering a upgrade.

cNw part #  1302-01

Price $  114.95

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Shorai Lithium Battery

Manufacturer:  Shorai

Description:  Ultra light and powerful, high performance battery replacement for the 961


  • 1/5 the weight of a lead battery in the same size
  • Zero sulfation, for longer service life
  • Military spec carbon composite case
  • Faster cranking for better starts
  • Super fast recharge rate
  • No gasses, no lead, no acid
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • AH 18
  • CCA 270
  • Negative post on right side as stock
  • 2.19 lbs
  • 5 3/4 long,  4 1/8 tall,  2 1/2 deep

Note:  Lithium batteries benefit from specific charging.  See Shorai battery charger below for best performance

cNw part #  0701-20

Price $  202.95


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Shorai LFX Charger

Manufacturer:  Shorai

Description:  Quality charge & store management system for LFX batteries


  • Store mode for maximum battery life during long-term storage
  • Charge mode charges, balances and performs cell diagnostics
  • Retractable hook to hang from grips, frame rails or seat strap
  • Includes a pig tail that installs in the battery with a pin connector for easy maintenance without having to access battery compartment

Note:  Battery in image below is there to show how the charger attaches to it and is not part of the kit

cNw part # 0701-13

Price $ 95.95


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