cNw Suspension

Feel the street below – not the rocks, holes or other bumps in the road that can interrupt your dream ride. With motorcycle suspension setup accessories from Colorado Norton Works, you can enjoy a smoother ride on your Norton Commando motorcycle.

Fork seal extension, Alloy Seal Retainers, Hagon Shocks, Fork Springs

Fork seal extension

Design: Håkan Kindström, Sweden

Manufacturer:  cNw

Description:  This is a great alternative to your stock upper bushing and seal for the Commando fork legs. Replaces the often ‘sticky’ upper bushing with a low friction version.


  • Direct replacement for your upper bushing, seal and seal retainer
  • Smoother fork action throughout its range
  • Made from 6061 billet aluminum
  • Low friction bushing material
  • Modern dual lip seal
  • Extends the lower fork leg and therefore making it more rigid
  • Weighs 248 grams. Same weight as the stock bushing, seal and seal holder
  • Upper hex for easy installation
  • Stock dust cover/wiper fits on top
  • Show polished


cNw part #  0300-03

Price $  198.95 pair

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Alloy Seal Retainers

Manufacturer:  CNW & Damtech

Description:  Alloy fork seal retainer


  • CNC milled from 6061 aluminum
  • Weighs 57 rams each versus stock 163 grams each
  • Cut with a hex pattern for easy loosening and tightening. 1 13/16 wrenching


CNW part # 0300-01

Price $ 46.00 pair


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Hagon Shocks

Manufacturer:  Hagon

Description:  Direct replacement shocks for all Norton Commandos


  • Great, vintage look, similar to the original Girling shocks
  • Polished stainless Gas body
  • Progressive chrome springs
  • Adjustable pre load
  • Available in a number of configurations and lenghts
  • We stock the polished stainless body only but can order others
  • 2 year guarantee



CNW part #  0303-01    Fits 1969-1974

Price $  329.95 pair

CNW part # 0303-04    Fits 1975, MkIII

Price $ 329.95 pair

If you want to order a different length in case you are lowering your bike or if you want a partial or full shroud over the chrome spring then  CONTACT US


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Fork Springs

Manufacturer:  Progressive

Description:  Front fork springs


  • Progressively wound springs soak up small bumps yet are firm enough to absorb the large ones
  • Lifetime warranty against breakage or sag


CNW part # 0301-01

Price $ 93.95 set


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