Pre Owned cNw Machines

Colorado Norton Works is now  offering  pre owned cNw machines. Considering we have well over 100 machines delivered since cNw was established in 1997, inevitably there will be some surfacing on the secondary market. Rather than having our customers having to go through the selling process we decided to offer this as a service. This will also make the buying process more streamlined and a buyer can feel confident in that the bikes are accurately represented.

The listing will be updated as inventory changes due to sales and other bikes becoming available

Important notes:

  • These bikes are in used condition and sold as such
  • The equipment on these bikes may differ from what you can expect from a current cNw rebuild
  • The overall finish, paint quality and performance may differ from what you can expect from a current cNw rebuild
  • We will go through these bikes before delivery to ensure that they are in good operating order
  • We can in some cases do certain, current,  upgrades on these bikes before delivery
  • The bikes are being sold by the owner and the sales transaction will ultimately be between them and the buyer
  • These bikes will all be located at the cNw shop in Dolores, Colorado
  • The bikes will be sold ‘As Is’ with no warranty. However, you will of course get the support that any customer gets when doing business with cNw
  • Please contact us for more detailed descriptions and with any questions at all
  • Not all bikes will be available for immediate delivery since we may be doing some work to them before they become available
  • The bikes will be rated from 1-5 where a 1 is as it left cNw when first completed


cNw # C01  This bike has been sold

  • Price $ 40,500.00 
  • Originally delivered:  April 2014
  • Previous owner: 1
  • Year and model:  1974 cNw custom
  • Displacement:  850 cc
  • Miles since rebuild: 1500
  • Condition:  2 +
  • Available:  Immediately
  • Brief description:  This is a great opportunity to own one of the Ltd Edition Cafe’s developed and by cNw.  Only 13 of these machines will be built and they where all pre sold within months of being made available. This is the machine that was featured on the Velocity channels ‘Cafe Racer’. These build are extremely unique from the frame and up so do contact us for a detailed list of the equipment.  This bike is located in England and the buyer will be responsible for all shipping and import charges if brought back to the USA.
  • Contact us for more info
  • Images:  2014

IMG_0055      IMG_0003      IMG_0018      IMG_0031      IMG_9977      IMG_9955


cNw # 072  This bike has been sold.

  • Price $ 29,000.00 
  • Originally delivered: July 2012
  • Previous owners:  1
  • Year and model:  1975 MkIII, Roadster
  • Displacement: 850 cc
  • Miles since rebuild: 2900
  • Condition: 2 +
  • Available: Immediately
  • Brief description:  This late-model cNw machine is stunning. Color you have to see in person as it just pops. Bike is very well maintained and extremely clean with low miles. All ready to go. Has some great options. Look at the main gallery for # 072 to see more detail pics of bike when it was completed in 2012
  • Contact us for more info
  • Image:  Current

IMG_0811      IMG_0813


cNw # 051  This bike has been sold

  • Price $   19,500.00
  • Originally delivered: September 2006
  • Previous owners:  1
  • Year and model: 1975 Roadster, MkIII electric start
  • Displacement:  850 cc
  • Miles since rebuild:  2020
  • Condition:  3+
  • Available:  Immediately
  • Brief description:  Very clean and well taken care of machine. Few miles and properly stored. The build is a bit unique as it has a right hand shift (unlike all factory MkIII’s). It also has an earlier model rear drum brake. Bike doesn’t really have any options as most of used to be extras on earlier builds because std equipment starting with bike # 050. So things like chrome front and rear end, belt drive, Brembo brake etc, was included in the build
  • Contact us for more info
  • Images:  Current

IMG_3351      IMG_3358      IMG_3361      IMG_3365


cNw # 044   This bike has been sold

  • Price $  14,500.00
  • Originally delivered:  November 2004
  • Previous owners:  1
  • Year and model:  1974 Roadster
  • Displacement:  850 cc
  • Miles since rebuild: 
  • Condition:  3+
  • Available:  April 2015
  • Brief description:  Nice looking older machine with few miles. When it came to the shop earlier in the year, it had a dent in the tank. I decided to repaint it (tank only) and that was just completed in March of 2015. So the paint condition of the tank is as current model builds. The color is ‘Viper red’. The bike had some options when built like front Brembo brake, Chrome package, Belt drive and a 1″ lowering kit
  • Contact us for more information
  • Image:  2004



cNw # 037  This bike has been sold

  • Price $ 16,000.00 Reduced price $ 13,000.00
  • Originally delivered:  May 2004
  • Previous owners:  1
  • Year and model:  1975 Roadster
  • Displacement:  850 cc
  • Miles since rebuild:  1020
  • Condition:  3+
  • Available:  May/June 2015
  • Brief description:  This is a very unique build, as it was built for a small framed woman. It currently has a 3″ lowering kit on it and someone 5’2″-5’3″ can stand flat-footed over the machine. This lowering kit can be removed and the bike can be brought up to std height for an additional cost. Additionally this MkIII was built with a rear drum brake and was converted to a right hand shift as earlier models. The bike has been ridden very little, well taken care of and is in nice condition
  • Note:  There was a dent in the tank when it arrived at the shop and the tank will be repainted before made available
  • Contact us for more information
  • To bring the bike up to std ride height will cost approximately 3,500.00. This includes a new rear wheel as it currently has a 17″
  • Image:  2004



cNw # 031  This bike has been sold

  •  Price $ 14,500.00
  • Originally delivered: October 2002
  • Previous owners: 1
  • Year and model: 1971 Roadster
  • Displacement: 750 cc
  • Miles since rebuild: 2017
  • Condition: 3
  • Available: Fall of 2014
  • Brief description: This is an older cNw build and has the equipment and finish that was our standard back then. It has not seen a lot of use and will show really well with some additional TLC
  • Contact us for more info
  • Image:  2002



cNw # 030

  • Price $ 16,500.00
  • Originally delivered:  October 2003
  • Previous owners: 2 (2nd owner bought it in 2004)
  • Year and model: 1974 Roadster
  • Displacement: 850 cc
  • Miles since rebuild: 3234
  • Condition: 3 +
  • Available: Immediately (painting the front fender will take a coupld of weeks)
  • Brief description:  Even though an older build with equipment that was std back then, this is a very clean bike with low miles. It was local to cNw and came back in the shop for some tune ups and also recent tires and Shorai Lithium battery. The front fender has a ding in it and will be repainted before delivery
  • Contact us for more info
  • Images:  Current (will add shortly)


cNw # 038

  •  Price $  38,000.00
  • Originally delivered: June 2004
  • Previous owners:  1
  • Year and model:  1974 Custom
  • Displacement: 850 cc 
  • Miles since rebuild: Aprox 2000
  • Condition:  1
  • Available:  This machine will be completely gone through before available. Even though it has few miles on it, it needs a re-fresh. This means it’s coming completely apart down to the frame and it will start out with a fresh coat of Red powder and be built from there. The specs exactly as it was originally and no late-model modifications will be installed. Contact us to discuss when this machine can be available. I will not start the refresh until it is sold
  • Brief description:  Yes….this is it. The original cNw Cafe’ built back in 2004. The bike is a mile stone in the cNw evolution and has been featured in dozens of magazines world-wide. The bike was built both considering performance and design. Its suspension, rear sets and seat is intended for a person 5’7″ – 5’8″, 150 lbs and may feel cramped when used by someone a lot taller. This is the machine that later on spawned the 13 Ltd Edition Cafe’s to be built
  • Contact us for more info
  • Image: 2004

Click here to read  a little bit about how this machine was originally built