cNw Norton Commando Rebuilds


Important update: As of October 9th, 2020 I will not longer take on any more full rebuilds. Since October 1997 I have built over 150 machines and it’s time to take cNw in a different direction. The bikes currently on order will of course be completed and delivered as promised.

Moving forward, the focus will be on the parts catalog and I will keep adding more upgrades, modifications and custom parts for these Commandos on a regular basis and filling in the gaps in my current parts list. It is also my intention to add some full lines of additional parts for those that are looking for stock type items for their bikes.

I will be building a few bikes over time but they will be designed by myself and then offered up for sale when completed. These machines can not be pre purchased or reserved ahead of completion.

I am excited and looking forward to this new streamlined approach for cNw and will be doing everything I can to help support my customers when it comes to creating their own machines or just keeping them on the road, looking and working better than ever.





Colorado Norton Works