Colorado Norton Works is open for business and fulfilling orders. It may take me a couple of extra days to get things shipped but we have a daily UPS service and will go to our local post office once a week. I sincerely hope everyone in our Norton community is staying healthy. You can do worse than being stuck in your garage for a few weeks working on your Commando. If there is anything I can do to help with your project, it is best to contact me via email at Thanks Matt

cNw Norton Commando Rebuilds

The second you climb onto a Norton Commando motorcycle, you’ll quickly turn into one of the thousands of Commando enthusiasts who are drawn to the unique style and classic construction of this classic British motorcycle

For Norton fans, Colorado Norton Works (cNw) is your resource to rebuild your classic Norton Commando motorcycle into a powerful work of art. To create the bike of your wildest dreams, the kind of bike you dreamed about when you first saw a motorcycle gunning down the road, cNw rebuilds each Commando motorcycle from the inside out. We’ll create an engine that roars, a streamlined brake and suspension system for the smoothest ride, and a custom body that will catch the eye of everyone you fly past

To learn more about some of the features that go into our complete motorcycle rebuilds, click a link below

Please take the time to explore each of our Norton Commando motorcycle rebuild services and be sure to check out our  cNw Norton Commando photo gallery to see the latest projects from Colorado Norton Works, a leading custom motorcycle builder

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