Colorado Norton Works is open for business and fulfilling orders. It may take me a couple of extra days to get things shipped but we have a daily UPS service and will go to our local post office once a week. I sincerely hope everyone in our Norton community is staying healthy. You can do worse than being stuck in your garage for a few weeks working on your Commando. If there is anything I can do to help with your project, it is best to contact me via email at Thanks Matt

cNw Complete Rebuild / Pricing, Policies & Terms

2020 Custom Rebuild Price

A complete custom rebuild for a cNw Commando is $35,995.00. This price assumes that you will be providing a suitable core/donor bike. Most Norton Commandos are sound re-builders, but hidden problems may exist in the frame, transmission or engine. After a thorough inspection of your donor bike, customers are notified of the final price of the rebuild before any work commences.

2020 1975 Mk III Electric Start Rebuilds

Because of the extra parts involved with a 1975 Mk III the cost of that rebuild is $39,995.00. This includes the cNw four brush starter, 21 series Lithium battery, additional wiring and electrical components, new Brembo rear brake system, etc.

Special Builds

Bikes such as #038, #050, #056, #121 and others like them,  require special fabrication and custom parts to build. These bikes will be priced according to selected equipment and fabrication needed to make it all work.

The rebuild prices above are used as a base price. The final cost will be estimated based on the overall goal for the build. The build time may also be extended depending upon the complexity of the build. Contact us to discuss your cNw custom rebuild.


With the next generation of cNw bikes, nearly all of the features that were previously options are now standard. There are a few options available but these are offered to further personalize the build. Contact us to get pricing on options.

Go here to see some of what is available for your build       Options

Our Terms

Scheduling your bike for a cNw re-build requires a $2,500 deposit. The deposit constitutes a firm order and a reservation on our production schedule.

Once work commences, a deposit of $5,000 is required. This price covers the major parts and labor required for all engine and transmission work.

One month after work commences on your bike, a payment of $5,000 per month for four months is required. The final balance is due upon delivery.

Donor Bikes

If you do not have a suitable donor bike, cNw can provide this. The core machine will have matching numbers (frame, engine and transmission) and be sold with a clear Colorado title. When cNw provides the machine, all the parts will be guaranteed as usable and no additional charges will apply. The cost for a core bike  is $ 4,500.00 for a 1969-1974 model and $ 5,000.00 for a 1975 MKIII, electric start model. If cNw is to provide a core machine, this needs to be paid for when the bike is secured, even if this is some time before the actual rebuild starts.

Standard Equipment

The cNw rebuilds are loaded with features and we continuously improve the machines with newly developed and sourced upgrades. The standard 2020 models will be equipped with our new triple trees with a new billet aluminum console, new hydraulic clutch, new head steady, and much more. Please contact us if you have any questions in regards to what std equipment goes into a rebuild.

When taking orders for rebuilds more than a year out, we reserve the right to adjust our prices according to uncontrollable price increases; such as parts costs, shipping costs, etc.


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