Colorado Norton Works is open for business and fulfilling orders. It may take me a couple of extra days to get things shipped but we have a daily UPS service and will go to our local post office once a week. I sincerely hope everyone in our Norton community is staying healthy. You can do worse than being stuck in your garage for a few weeks working on your Commando. If there is anything I can do to help with your project, it is best to contact me via email at Thanks Matt

cNw Complete Rebuild / Chassis, Wheels & Brakes details

Attention to detail at the core of a machine, the chassis, is often what distinguishes a nice bike from a great one. Every chassis we put into a custom Norton Commando motorcycle rebuild is literally “show” quality. Similarly, after machining to accept sealed bearings, the motorcycle wheel hubs are polished to “show” quality, then laced with Buchanan polished stainless spokes to new polished alloy rims. The wheels are at the highest level of finish. cNw Norton motorcycles retain a special show quality appearance after many years and miles on the road. Here are some of the details in this area included in a Colorado Norton Works rebuild:



  • cNw billet triple trees
  • cNw billet center console
  • cNw billet head light ears
  • New, chromed, MkIII headlight shell
  • New, modified, side-stand installed
  • Stainless side and center stand springs
  • Frame and cradle are inspected and repaired as required
  • Cradle modified slightly for ease of transmission removal/installation without disturbing engine
  • Swing arm inspected and repaired as required
  • Frame, cradle, swing arm, side and center stands, battery box, etc. are powder coated
  • New sealed bearings are installed in the steering neck
  • Swing arm spindle location fix installed
  • New swing arm spindle installed with stainless end caps
  • cNw roller needle bearing conversion replaces standard bronze swing arm bushings
  • cNw MkIII isolastics conversion
  • Stainless polished iso adjusters front and rear
  • Stainless steel iso stud and nuts
  • Foot rests get re-chromed
  • Brake lever gets re-chromed




  • Front and rear hubs machined for cNw sealed bearing upgrade
  • Rear hub fins are turned for clean finished appearance, reduces accumulation of dirt and grime
  • Front hub polished to “show” standard
  • New alloy rims (19 inch front, 18 inch rear) polished to “show” standard
  • Wheels laced with new polished stainless Buchanan spokes and nipples
  • New tires installed
  • New, stainless rear hub cover plate installed with stainless screws
  • New speedometer drive
  • All stainless axles and nuts



Brakes and Suspensions


  • Complete Brembo Front Brake system (also a  cNw/Brembo rear on the MKIII)
  • New rear sprocket/drum is machined for 520 “X” ring chain (Quick change sprocket on MKIII)
  • New sealed double row rear wheel bearing installed
  • New shoes (rear) installed
  • Rear brake linkage is chrome plated
  • Stainless return spring
  • New fork tubes, dampener rods and caps
  • Progressive fork springs
  • New fork seals and gaiters installed
  • cNw alloy seal retainers
  • Fork sliders are “show” polished
  • New stainless rear shocks by Hagon
  • Stainless steel rear brake adjuster
  • D.I.D. 520 x-ring chain


cNw continuously tries to improve on the Norton Commando rebuilds we offer and any of the above may change through the course of your build, however rest assured that its only to make the machine that much better.


Colorado Norton Works