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cNw Complete Rebuild / Electrical System details

Key characteristics of a good motorcycle wiring harness are simplicity, cleanliness and high quality components. Some portions of a stock Norton Commando motorcycle wiring harness are never used in US models because of various country lighting codes. The same goes for Police models. cNw builds a custom motorcycle wiring harness that eliminates unnecessary portions and is made from air craft  grade components. We also use solid state components and a new, high quality ignition/lighting switch. The switch, along with a marine quality volt gauge from Livorsi marine, is mounted in a cNw developed, billet aluminum, console that resides in between the two gauges. Here are some of the details in this area included in a Colorado Norton Works Commando motorcycle electrical system rebuild:

Ignition, Wiring and Lighting


  • Lucas 3 phase stator with welded rotor
  • Podtronics 3 phase voltage regulator
  • New micro switch for foot brake
  • cnw custom wiring harness using aircraft quality Teflon wires.
  • Tri Spark ignition
  • New, high output single coil with high output spark plug leads
  • cNw ignition switch and Livorsi volt gauge mounted between speedometer and tachometer
  • New, modern left handle bar switch cluster for lights, horn, directional signal lights (right switch cluster present only on MKIII models)
  • All warning lights are new, sealed 14 volt bulbs or LED, mounted in CNW console
  • New MKIII headlight shell installed, minus warning lights for clean look
  • New halogen headlight is installed
  • New modern directional lights with flexible stalks add a clean modern look
  • Fitment of early style 750 tail light assembly for classic but clean look
  • LED taillight (using original lens)
  • Shorai Lithium battery with Shorai battery charger
  • All new instrument and control cables are installed (speedo, tach, clutch, throttle, rear brake)
  • A cNw modified battery box provides for a secure strap system and a cleaner look
  • New horn
  • Neg. ground wiring


cNw continuously tries to improve on the Norton Commando rebuilds we offer and any of the above may change through the course of your build, however rest assured that its only to make the machine that much better.

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